Win for Debi Laszewski

image of DebiDebi is a Professional Female Bodybuilding since 2006 and is currently ranked third in the World. She has competed many times in the Arnold Classic, placing in the top two, and third at the Olympia. Although quite happy with her current title, her goal is to capture the Ms. Olympia title.

Her training and nutrition are very consistent. We start her preparations five months in advance and train from 4 to 5 hours in the gym. For Debi, it is most important to demonstrate on stage the improvements she attains in her shape and to show her fans she has no limit. This is what makes her most proud.

I am honored to work with Debi by providing her guidance with her posing skills and training in the gym.

Following the Olympia, Debi said, “A big Thank you to Lynn Sauve for her guidance on my posing and training with me. She’s a sweet person and a dear friend, love ya girl!!”

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