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Image of Lynn Suave in 1993

1993 at the National Canadian in Montreal

Hey that is me when i competed in 1993 at the National Canadian , what a memory? 😊

image of Amy Hauck

Amy Hauck Takes First Place

Congratulations to my client and friend Amy Hauck, who won first place in the Light Heavy Weight Class at the Master National NPC 2015! It was a pleasure to work with you. You are a good athlete who listened well, worked hard mentally and physically to accomplish your goal. You never complained. I did my […]

Change Your Life

Welcome to my blog. I am a professional trainer and coach, that can also help with your diet and nutrition. People ask me all the time to give them advice on how to lose weight, mainly to lose fat. Firstly, you need to change your eating habits! Please throw away the word DIET….I hate that […]