Lynn knows what she's doing.. I recommend Lynn for anyone that wants to achieve their goals!

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My name is Monica Martin, and I'm from Brazil. I am a Professional female Bodybuilder and Women's Physique competitor. I met Lynn many years ago at Gold's Gym while I was living in Florida preparing for the Arnold Classic Pro Show. Lynn asked me when I was scheduled to compete.

She knew that if she could become my coach, I had the potential to be amazing on stage. At that time, I was a little late on my diet preparation and Lynn explained to me that, with her experience as a trainer she could help me achieve my goal. Lynn developed a strict, low- carbohydrate diet which she adjusted as the competition approached. My shape became tighter with harder muscle as the weeks passed.

When I hit the stage, I looked amazing.

Since then, Lynn has remained my coach and we are now good friends.

A few months ago, I decided to switch and compete in the Pro Women's Physique division. I knew this would be a challenge for me to enter the competition with less muscularity. For my first Physique show I was looking great. Without Lynn, I would never been so perfect on stage, or impressed the judges. Lynn will be always be the Best Trainer for me!

She is great with dieting, training, posing, and choreography routines, not to mention being the best motivator I ever met! Lynn knows what she doing.. I recommend Lynn for anyone that wants to achieve their goals!

Thanks're the best!
Monica Martin

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