I knew she was the one to help me finally see my abs!

My name is Kathy Rivers and I am the IBA Cruiserweight boxing champion and also a client of Lynn Suave. I was told about Lynn's contest prep from another one of her clients Ava Cowan. I absolutely loved Ava's physique and wanted to take on the challenge of a fitness model/figure competitor and compete in a contest.

I contacted Lynn and told her about what I wanted to do and if she thought it was achievable, and without any hesitation, told me absolutely no problem, she would help me to get in the best shape of my life.

Even when I was boxing, I never had abs and was constantly fighting to keep my weight at 175. I met with Lynn for the first time and she evaluated my physique and gave me my diet right here. I thought, surely, it would be more complicated, but she assured me if I follow what she gives me, I will get in the best shape. By looking at Lynn, I knew she was the one to help me finally see my abs! She is extremely knowledgeable about diet & training for anyone who either wants to compete or just look their best. I ended up at 158lbs, six pack abs & feeling a absolutely gorgeous! My prep was only 20 weeks!

All through my contest prep, I could contact Lynn if I had any problems or concerns. She always took my call. If I emailed her, she responded immediately. I felt so confident going into a contest that I had never done before.

Being a professional boxer, I really appreciated Lynn's patience with me when I asked so many questions. She never made me feel like I was bothering her or asking stupid questions.

I am now competing In Crossfit Competitions and will definitely use Lynn again to bring me to the top of that game.


Kathy Rivers
IBA Cruiserweight Champion


Photography of Kathy Rivers 

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