Juanita 2013

Wings of Strength

The “Wings of Strength” Pro Body Building show is less than four (4) weeks away (July 5th – 6th, 2013) in Chicago, Illinois. This will be my client Juanita’s first Pro Body Building show following her winning the Overall title at the NPC National in November of 2012. As you can see from the photograph, […]

2012 Nationals FBB Overall Video

Jennifer Andrews chats with the women’s overall winners after the NPC Nationals 2012. Check out my client, FBB winner Juanita Blaino, after her victory!

NPC Nationals coming this week!!

Juanita is currently weighing 170 lbs as of today. I will bring her in on Friday at hopefully 165 pounds with 4% body fat! I will be there with her this weekend and hopefully she will win her class and get her Pro Card:)                                

Contest Preparation

Juanita has 4 weeks left from the National NPC on Nov 10th. Time is critical. I put her on a low carbs diet and some day No carbs, white fish and boil chicken breast with green vegetables. I increase her cardio, the energy get low.. But she has to keep going hard!! No Pain No […]

Training Update

I’ve been coaching Juanita for about 9 months now. She started her training at 200+ lbs. Today she was 174 lbs…lean…with muscle. I change her training and diet about every 6 weeks. We have 5 more weeks before the Nationals NPC in Atlanta on November 10th. My goal is to bring Juanita in at 167 […]

Change Your Life

Welcome to my blog. I am a professional trainer and coach, that can also help with your diet and nutrition. People ask me all the time to give them advice on how to lose weight, mainly to lose fat. Firstly, you need to change your eating habits! Please throw away the word DIET….I hate that […]